Week 35

This week was super cool. First we will do our Q and U wedding. We also made Lucas bands. My group is now finished with our movies. I also had a middle school talk about my middle school. that was my ... Read More

Week 34

This week was amazing. First we went to KARM we saw Doris!!! We also went to the store we saw cool stuff such as a gaming system. We also had some fun in the library we had electrics day in the librar... Read More

Week 33

This week was so awesome.  First we did our SUPER BORING TNReady test. The next thing my class did are our movie scripted, our team are done. Our class even got our year books!!!! and that was my awe... Read More

Week 32

This week was awesome. First we are making our movies. and guess what the TNReady test is coming up so we have to practice. And who ever scores 100% will get candy while Mr.Haney is saying “ahhh... Read More

Week 31

This week was amazing, First we are doing our movies. We are also doing our song. Second we are donating  money for a little boy names Lucas. Our class is also getting ready for the Tn ready test.... Read More

Week 30

This week was awesome, First we did our track. Than Finely won a reward. And we are planning to do movies I would be fun if we do. I will be finishing my song. That was my awesome week.... Read More

Week 27

This week was really awesome. First, we planet vegetable, We also sent our French E Pals. We are also, going to have a week off of School! YES!! Our class is doing Expect Research. We got new 3 new mi... Read More